Scenic Tiles and Roads

To complement the range of buildings, Total Battle Miniatures produce a range of flexible resin scenic tiles and road systems that complete the package.

Scenic Tiles

The scenic tiles are grouped into 50, 75 and 90 base ranges which tie in with the building ranges. Each building lists a base dimension that enables you to tie in the building range with the relevant range of tiles. Tiles either use bevelled edges to blend into the table or use town edge tiles to blend larger urban areas into the table. Tiles that have bevelled edges have a stone depicted on either side of the road; cutting off the bevel on the outside of these allows the Total Battle Miniatures road system to be seamlessly employed. You can leave the bevel on should you want to use another method of depicting roads on your table, giving you maximum versatility.


There are two road systems available, wide and narrow. These can be used to depict different scales and size of roads, with road junctions available enabling you to join wide to narrow roads in the wide road junction packs.

Roads are available either metalled or track.

Future range expansion will see the range of road options grow in regard to depicting the smaller scales.