Sentinel Miniature Painting

Tired of buying painted Flames of War miniatures from auction sites claiming to be "Pro Painted" only to find out once you receive them that your 10 year old brother could paint them better?  Well, you've come to the right people!  We are dedicated here to provide you with the highest quality work.  All miniatures are cleaned of all flash, resin, mold lines and assembled for you when you ship your order.  Care is taken to capture all detail work.  We use the following applied either hand painted or airbrushed: Tamiya, LifeColor, Vallejo, MIG pigments/filters.

As the customer, you are our number one priority.  While working on your request, we will keep you updated as well as go over certain detail we come across.  Quality over Quantity is what drives us to achieve the best customer satisfaction as well as repeat customers!


1st Corp

25/28mm range of wargame figures

Baccus 6mm

6mm range of wargame figures

Curteys Miniatures

25/28mm range of wargame figures


Dark Knights and Bloody Dawns

Putting the fun back into wargaming

10mm Wargaming - Andrew Bruce

Welcome to my world of 10mm Wargaming. I am intending to use these pages to document my ongoing war gaming projects.


Battle Flag

Superlative miniature banners and decals for the miniature wargamer or collector