28mm Battle of the Bulge

Here are a few shots of a six foot by four foot bespoke display we produced for Leo Barron. Leo is a trained historian and veteran who knows what it is like to feel the pace of battle. He currently teaches a significant portion of the military intelligence officers in the U.S. Army. He is co-author with Don Cygan on the recently published book 'No Silent Night: The Christmas Battle for Bastogne'. Which is an excellent must read for all enthusiasts in this pivotal moment in history.

The buildings depicted are from our 28mm WWII Western Front Range.

15mm Eastern Front

The following images are World War II Eastern Front scenarios with buildings from our Skirmish 15mm Eastern Front range, roads from our 15-28mm figure scale range and 75mm scenic tiles.

Painting Tips

1. Wash items thoroughly in lukewarm soapy water to remove any release agent that may be present and allow to dry thoroughly.
2. Spray items with white undercoat and allow to dry.
3. Using acrylic paint watered down to a milky consistency, paint the building as desired over the textured surfaces. Colours should be deeper and brighter than wanted allowing the white undercoat to lighten and dull the finished colour, much like a watercolour painting to give a natural look to the buildings. Signs doors and windows can be painted with full strength acrylic’s to give a freshly painted appearance.
4. Finally dry brush with white to the desired extent of weathering you require.

Tiles and Roads
1. Using acrylic or household emulsions to dry brush required colours, we recommend a sand colour followed by a white on stone tarmac areas.
2. Using ground foams and flock set onto watered down pva or rubber solution glue to create hedges, bushes and grassed areas. Always test any glues on a small area of rear of mat to prevent any unforeseen damage.

American Civil War 6mm Range

The following images are American Cival War scenarios with buildings from our Big Battalions 6mm Americana range, roads from our 6-10mm figure scale range and 30mm scenic tiles.